DoReMi Music Lesson 视频评论 & 提示,你应该知道的技巧

The Sound of Music - Do-Re-Mi - How to play on Piano - Tutorial & Sheets

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Learn How To Sing Let It Go like Idina Menzel (Elsa) in Karaoke Sing-along Cover Style

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Do Re Mi Voice Training Do Re Mi, was developed for singers. This is a great App for improving your singing voice! With it you will be able to see what pitch...

How to use "Music Flash Class" app!

Learn your notes on the staff and Major/minor key signatures as you customize the decks of cards to fit your musical needs. Check out our website for more app videos like this one! http://www.pian...

DOREMI the new app for active ageing

Doremi is a gamified app that aims to contrast the decline in cognitive abilities through a healthy lifestyle, as well as social engagement, cognitive stimulation and physical activity. This...

Jingle Bells on Android with Jimi Guitar app

Happy Xmas with Jimi Guitar :-)

Hello Kitty Music Piano Play-Along iPad App Review

Download now: **Perfect way to learn to play music, ideal for children of all ages** Novel, interactive...

Musical Simon FREE for Android

Musical Simon is a an enhanced version of the classic memory game. It replaces the standard Simon beeps by musical notes. The "normal game" mode will allow kids and adults to train their memories...

Dranyen Tuning - With TunerLite App on mobile phones (Lesson 3)

DHUMRA.COM's tutorial on Dranyen (Tibetan Lute) tuning, using a mobile app called TunerLite. To learn more, please visit

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